Easily Cancel setTimeout() Function Through Variable

June 16, 2014 Development, jQuery

Easily Cancel setTimeout() Function Through Variable

For a recent project, I found the need to cancel an event in jQuery currently in waiting through the setTimeout() function.

The event related to a custom slider and if the call to action button was clicked, I wanted to pause the slider for a moment to give the user enough time to take in the new content.

I found my solution via mck89 at Stack Overflow who declared the setTimeout() function in a variable that could then be destroyed.

timer = setTimeout(
	}, 6000);

When the call to action button is clicked, the extra content fades in and the slider is paused. Afterwards, I canceled the timer variable and the fade out function, declared above.

I then created another setTimeout function to resume the slider and fade out the container to continue the process. You can see I set this new setTimeout() function for 8 seconds to give the user extra time to read the newly revealed content.

$(document).on('click', '.openme', function()
	$('.caption .popup').fadeIn(750);

		}, 8000);

	return false;

The “backstretch” of the above code refers to the Backstretch jQuery plugin which is great for background images.

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