For answers to some common questions, please click below to read through each one. If you have any questions of your own, please contact Scott.

How many hours does a typical website take?

Most WordPress-based websites will start at 40 hours with additional items such as a custom design or eCommerce setup adding more time. For example, a custom design will generally add 10-20 hours of development along with the cost of a designer while an online store will add 10 or more hours to setup WooCommerce and all products.

Do your websites come with a warranty or any guarantee?

Yes, Kondor with a K provides a 30-day warranty after launch for all custom websites built by Scott. This is to ensure the client is happy with the end result and that all bugs have been squashed.

The warranty doesn’t include new updates and additions but does cover all items originally agreed to during the website development process.

Do you offer any monthly maintenance packages?

Yes, Kondor with a K offers monthly maintenance packages which start as low as 5 hours/month for ongoing WordPress plugin updates, adding new features and resolving any bugs that appear.

Kondor with a K can also work hourly without an ongoing plan. These plans are generally offered post-launch to clients in order to provide upkeep and routine maintenance.

Do you implement SEO into your websites?

SEO is really about an ongoing plan of attack and targeting the specific keywords which you have a likely chance to rank well for. Whether it’s finding the right combination of long tail keywords such as “Orlando WordPress Developer” or writing quality content to back those phrases up, Search Engine Optimization is a continued effort.

Kondor with a K will set your website up for success by fixing broken links, ensuring all pages have a title tag and meta description, double-checking your robots.txt file to ensure the website can be found and following pagespeed standards to decrease load times. I’ll also write proper redirects and work with a marketing agency of your choosing to implement properly researched terms.

While Kondor with a K doesn’t offer monthly SEO plans, Scott does work with several marketing agencies on a daily basis who specialize in keyword research and would be glad to offer a referral.

Do you offer content writing?

Unfortunately, Kondor with a K does not offer content writing services. Similar to SEO, content writing is a more specialized service that generally requires a well-thought out plan of keyword research along with knowing your business inside and out to show expertise in a given field.

Quality content can make or a break a visitor’s interest in a website, so it’s important that it’s just not rushed or copied and pasted together from other sources. Writing unique content that is engaging for visitors and shows a valid source of information will help push you over the top.

What hosting do you recommend for WordPress websites?

I will always recommend WP Engine for all WordPress hosting needs. They offer amazing support, automated backups and are the most secure host I’ve been on.

I used to say I’ve never seen a hack on a WP Engine-hosted website, although I did see a minor one recently, granted the WP Engine support team was able to fix everything in less than an hour as part of the hosting package. No extra charge, just quick service.

Their single-site monthly plan is $35/month. Their single-site annual plan is $290/12 months. Click here to save 20% off your first payment.

If you did the annual plan at $290 and saved 20% ($58), the annual plan would cost $232 for 12 months of hosting. With the discount applied, the cost comes out to $19/month, although you do have to pay the annual plan up front.

They are really a top-notch host and it’s where I host my websites. It’s also incredibly easy to share access with another WP Engine user, so you can just share your site with me for quick access to FTP, database, backups, etc.

If I talk anymore about WP Engine, I feel like I should signup for their sales team. At $35/month for the base package without any discounts, they are more than a typical host but I think it’s worth it to not have to worry about your website. It’s online 99.9999% of the time without concern.

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