Select the Child Element Inside jQuery’s $(this)

August 4, 2013 Development, HTML, jQuery

For a jQuery script, I needed to select the child element of an item. This can be accomplished using the children() method for immediate children and the find() method for grandchildren.

My goal was to grab the contents of the href attribute, which was #my_container as shown below.


<span class="item"><a href="#my_container">Click Here</a></span>
<div class="my_container">
     <p>Show this Text</p>


     var target_section = $(this).children('a').attr('href');
     target_section = target_section.replace('#', '');

     $('.' + target_section).show();

$(this) represents our clicked item which has the class of .item. Using the children() method, we search for the a tag, and then select its href attribute. The target_selection variable now holds the value of the href attribute. I then used a string function called .replace() to remove the # from the link.

Now I’m able to use the target_selection variable to show the correct div through its class of .my_container by appending a period. We can also get the child element’s position or other attributes.

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